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A little rant…

I’ve recently read an answered question by panlight and it really hit me hard. It’s about how Bella skipped all the newborn stuff and was the ultimate perfect vampire instantly. I mean, I can see why SM wanted her to be perfect, but honestly, I was really looking forward to her having to deal with all of the newborn stuff. Like, With the struggles and having to sacrifice her family and not being able to bear children anymore and trying to resist human blood. I was really looking forward to it because we were never given a newborn point of view so we don’t know what it’s like. We’ve never experienced reading the struggle from Edwards, or Jaspers, or Carlisles newborn point of view so we don’t really get to know what it’s like to actually be a vampire. SM wrote The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner but that doesn’t cut it. I was looking forward to seeing how Bella had to deal with it herself and what it would of been like from a character we got to know pretty well.

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twilight saga meme | 4/5 families/covens/packs: the black pack

I think you make a good Alpha. Not in the same way Sam does, but in your own way. You’re worth following, Jacob.

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Robert Pattinson Edit

I have witnessed the bonds of this family, I say family not coven.

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Zafrina had power over the mind.She could make anyone see what she wanted them to.

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"They’re coming to kill us, not to talk."

"No, you’re right. They won’t listen to us. But maybe others can convince them. Carlisle, we have friends all around the world."

"I won’t ask them to fight."

"Not fight, witness. If enough people knew the truth, maybe we can convince the Volturi to listen."


alright, you can shut up now


best of the twilight soundtrack → Unkle ft. The Black Angels - With you in my head

Collecting all the people you love to sing you a song
              Even if they stick to h u m m i n g
                 Holding on a song to see them
    When you’re really sick - a sick - a sick of love